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We recently gave you the opportunity to ask Lindsey whatever questions you had about The Forbidden Art Exhibit! She answered them in a video that was shared on our social media, but if you missed it you can find all of her answers below!

Is there a common theme that all or some of the art portrays?

Yes! The theme that runs throughout each piece is resilience. Each piece was created under the influence of ISIS. Some of the pieces were done in darkness when ISIS controlled Mosul and creating art was punishable by death. Some of the pieces were made from metal reclaimed from bombed sites. Each piece reflects the resilience of the human spirit to endure, to continue to create, to make something beautiful despite the pressures of war.

What were some of the highlights of putting together this event?

For me, one of the main highlights was going to Mosul University and touring their art department. While we were there meeting some of the artists, we were told the art department was used by ISIS to make bombs. ISIS came in, destroyed every piece of art and used the rooms to make bombs. To go back months later and see the rooms full of students creating art was powerful. Another highlight was when we invited the orphans we plan to serve to come and create art. For many of them, it was the first time holding a paintbrush.

Will you be selling any art pieces in the future?

That is something we’ve talked about! We’d love to make this an annual event. We’d love to bring some of the art the students create in art therapy. We’d love to bring more art from Mosul University to continue to share with you all!

How did you decide which pieces of art would be included in the exhibit?

We met with so many artists, listened to their stories and looked at their pieces. We were looking for pieces that spoke to our heart for Mosul. It’s an area covered in debris, it’s seen centuries of war, but we still have so much hope for the city. So we were looking for artists that carry that same sense of hope and that translates in their art.

I know the art auction is raising funds for orphan care in Iraq. Can you share your vision for this?

Yes! We’re hopeful that this event will raise enough funds to begin an art therapy program in Mosul. Currently we serve about 35 orphans and we would love to be able to minister to them through art. They’ve seen so much tragedy, they’ve experienced more in their tiny little lives that most of us will in their lifetime. We believe that art and creativity is part of restoring their childhood. Another thing we are hoping for is Restoration Village. We’d love to have the funds to buy a piece of land in Mosul and begin to build houses for widows and orphans. We’d love to help them heal holistically and equip them to impact their communities. For children and women who feel forgotten, we’d love to empower them to have real and lasting impact on their communities.

I don’t live close to Winston Salem, NC. How can I participate in the event?

We are working right now to make it possible for those who cannot attend the event to see the art online and bid remotely in the auction! We’ll be rolling out all the details as we get closer to the event!

Do you still have questions about the event? We’d love to answer them! Comment below with your question!

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