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Meet Um Omar 

We were walking through the streets of mosul when we heard her crying...

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This Hungry Widow in Mosul Needs Help

Our team was walking through the streets of Mosul when we heard a loud cry. We followed the sound through narrow alleyways to a small cemetery where we met a weeping widow. Her name is Um Omar. Unable to escape from Mosul, her family bunkered down trying to survive during the fight against ISIS. One day, ISIS killed her oldest son when he went out to get the family water. Not long after, they destroyed her home. Now homeless, she asks the dead for forgiveness as she eats the grass covering their graves.

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The Widow’s Storehouse 

We are launching the pilot program of the Widow’s Storehouse, a feeding initiative that will provide weekly groceries to widows and orphans. Each week, widows will come to the Storehouse and take enough food for the week. Our team will be there to talk with them, encourage them and meet other needs as they arise. More than a food bank, through relationship, we hope to assess the living conditions of these women and children and implement solutions to improve their quality of life. The long-term goal is to give the women sustainable income, secure housing, and resources to bless their community. We need $25,000 to launch the pilot program at the end of March. Will you partner with us to make sure Um Omar never has to eat grass again?


Our goal is to launch a pilot program that will feed 50 widows.


Many widows also care for orphans. Our goal is to feed an additional 100 orphans in these widows’ care.

dollars per person

For just $21, we can feed one person for an entire week!


We need to raise $25,000 to launch the program and feed 150 widows and orphans for 8 weeks!

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